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About Maruyoshi

About Us

Maruyoshi Chemical was founded in 1970 as a local distributor of chemical products. In 1993, we started manufacturing division to produce water-based emulsions developed by original technology. Since then, we have been engaging with chemical business in both trading and manufacturing.

We are located in Gifu, which has historically been center of traffic in Japan and thereby enables us efficient production. Gifu is also famous for its natural beauties represented by mountains and rivers. This location always reminds us of the importance of conservation of natural environment. We would like to challenge not only to produce better products but also to continuously improve our production technology for sustainable future.

We have never forgotten the importance of conducting business from global perspective. We started direct international trade in 2007 and it is important part of both of our trading and manufacturing business.

Nobuyuki Hashizume

Company Overview

Company Name Maruyoshi Chemical Co.,Ltd
Office Head Office
8-105 Heijima, Ginan-cho, Hashima-gun, Gifu 501-6003 Japan
Tel: +81-58-247-1311
Fax: +81-58-247-7970
Group Company Maruyoshi Chemical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
President Nobuyuki Hashizume
Capital 10 million yen
Establishment Date March, 1970
Incorporation Date November, 1974
Main banks Gifu Shinkin Bank
Juroku Bank
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank
Shoko Chukin Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Company History

January,   2023 Expanded its site and built a new warehouse
February,   2021 Installed 250L pressure vessel for pilot production
May,   2017 Joint venture with Michelman was terminated and Maruyoshi Michelman was renamed as Maruyoshi Chemical Manufacturing.
December,   2013 Manufacturing division was divided and incorporated under the name of Maruyoshi Michelman as a joint venture with Michelman of the USA
May,   2007 Started direct import of chemical products from oversea
May,   2006 Changed company name to Maruyoshi Chemical Co.,Ltd.
October,   2003 Acquired ISO9001:2000 certification for Manufacturing division
May,   2000 Nobuyuki Hashizume took over as second president
October,   1997 Commercialized high molecular weight polypropylene emulsion
April,   1993 Established Manufacturing division specializing in emulsification of polymers and waxes
November,   1974 Incorporated as Maruyoshi Kaseihin Co.,Ltd.
March,   1970 Founded by Yoshitatsu Hashizume as a distributor of chemical products under the name of Maruyoshi Kaseihin Shokai in Gifu, Japan