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Manufacturing Division

We are specialists of water based emulsion
that is environmentally friendly.

We have always been challenging to emulsify thermoplastics, especially polypropylenes which are difficult to emulsify due to their high melting temperature and high viscosity in molten state.

Our manufacturing policy is not to use any organic solvents in emulsification process and try to be environment-friendly as much as possible.

Main Products

Polypropylene Emulsion
for Glass Fiber Sizing

Polypropylene emulsion for glass fiber sizing is our main product. Our exclusive technology has succeeded to emulsify high molecular weight polypropylene (more than 100,000 weight average molecular weight). Main component is modified polypropylene with polarity which has good adhesiveness to various inorganic materials. Thanks to high molecular weight of PP and sophisticated emulsification, it forms strong film after melting and therefore improves coupling of glass fibers.


< Main Application >
Heat sealant for papers and films
Coating agent for metal sheet
Fiber treatment

Polyethylene wax

< Main Application >
Fiber treatment
Floor polish
Mold release

Paraffine wax

< Main Application >
Water repellant
Additive for emulsion

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Quality Policy

We provide products that meet the needs of our customers by improving the quality management system that meets manufacturing technology and applicable requirements to improve product quality, reduce environmental impact and costs while proceeding advanced product development which matches the need of the market and customers.

Our specified quality management system covers all of our products and business activities related to design, purchasing, manufacturing, service, delivery and after-sales service (including outsourced ones).

ISO Information

We are an ISO9001:2015 certified company as below;

Date of registration October 7th, 2003
Registration institution Japan Chemical QA
Registration Number JCQA-1825